Boost the worth of business connections


A representative of CRCG (M) Sdn. Bhd. paida visit to NAEC (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd recently.The encounter was fruitful and improvedprofessional networking.

On the cusp of entering a new manufacturing sector


NAEC(M)Sdn Bhd visited the constructionsite alongside a team from China CivilEngineering Construction Corporation toexamine the current construction in KualaLumpur.

27th years anniversary of NAEC Group!


NAEC Auto Group celebrated its 27thanniversary recently with Chairman Mr.Zhu Xiao Ming, President Ms.Xie Ying, andother NAEC employees . NAEC (Malaysia)Sdn. Bhd. is a subsidiary of the NAEC AutoGroup. Mr. Feng Chang Quan,generalmanager of NAEC(M) Sdn.Bhd.,with NAEC(M) teamcollaborated online and inperson to commemorate this momentous occasion.

A Skilled Workforce for strong, sustainable and business growth


In recent past , a top-notch general contractor forthe house engineering construction companyCRCG (M)Sdn.Bhd visited NAEC(Malaysia) Sdn.Bhd. along with Alton Technologies (Malaysia)Sdn. Bhd., a firm to create innovative products,advance industrial technology,and encouragethe industry to switch from quantitative growthto quality growth.

Gain career advice, new ideas, and valuable information


We at NAEC (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. would liketo thank Anecan Engineering Services PteLtd for visiting ourorganisation.

Empowering future workforce


EcoCeres, Inc. ("EcoCeres") is a cutting-edge biomassutilisation company with high ESG performance and astrong R&Dcapacity. The company operatesenterprises that utilise agricultural waste and bio-grease.EcoCeres proactively promotes and supportssustainability through proprietary technologydevelopment. lt's noteworthy to note that EcoCeresoffers certified decarbonization solutions to theworld's airlines.

Expand the range of business opportunities


NAEC (M) SDN BHD was previously visited byWK Asia-Pacific so as to conduct business onbehalf of both firms.

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